Datacenter d'ROOT

In 2018 we opened our advanced data center with an innovative Data Lab on Campus Groningen. This is aimed at sustainability and high performance computing for big data. More computing capacity with responsible energy consumption and reuse of residual heat. We already use 100% green energy.


The data center offers larger racks, designed for increasingly stiffer and thicker cabling. 47HE (220 x 80 x 120 cm). The racks are equipped with SmartACCESS as standard, which allows you to determine and gain insight into who has access. More about colocation options. You can read more about the colocation options under Colocation.

Power supply

The power supply consists of two separate feeds as standard and has the option of four separate feeds per two racks. The power is protected by 32 amp fuses and supplied as standard in single phase. Three phases (400 Volt) can also be supplied on request.


Cooling takes place through low speed ventilation. This allows us to move air economically and efficiently. This method is up to 30% more efficient than conventional data center cooling. In addition, WarmteStad uses our residual heat to heat homes and offices.


d’ROOT has BORG 4 security, designed, implemented and operated by Securitas (incl. 24/7 NOC). The access procedures are ISO 27001 certified, with pass and biometric identification (iris scan).

Fire safety

The data center uses a water mist fire extinguishing system. This forms very fine water droplets with powerful cooling power and a large reaction surface. With this system we can extinguish fires locally and keep other data rooms available as much as possible.


From 2022 we will use sustainably generated hydrogen for our power supply. The redundant power then comes from the regular grid, resulting in significant savings and eventually phasing out the emergency diesel generators.

Data center of today and the future

d”ROOT offers everything you would expect from a modern data center and more. To ensure the safety of your equipment, we continuously monitor our data rooms closely for smoke particles, dust and humidity. By keeping the humidity between 30 and 60%, we prevent corrosion and premature aging of your servers.

All necessary factors such as power, access and cooling are redundant. This allows us to guarantee an uptime of 99.982%. We are Tier|||(+) classified and have ISO 27001, NEN 7510, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification and an ISAE 3402 type II declaration.

We work with regional data centers to secure your backups and provide you with fallback options. We provide you with connectivity and colocation at multiple locations under one contract, so that your environment is mirrored. In the event of an emergency, you can immediately move to another geographical location within the Netherlands and restart your processes as quickly as possible.

As a data center of the future, we work on innovative sustainable solutions. In addition to energy supply using hydrogen, we think about efficient power consumption of your equipment and make it possible to cool it with oil. This is considerably more sustainable than cooling with tap water and also produces higher residual heat, which we pass on to WarmteStad Groningen for heating homes and offices. Our building is literally and figuratively green.

Regional function

The Data Competence Center d’ROOT, located on the Zernike Campus Groningen, is a data center and data lab in one. Of the total 5,000 m2 surface area, approximately half is intended for the data floor. 1,000 m2 is for the technical areas, 1,500 m2 for offices and the Data Lab.

Bytesnet uses the Data Lab itself for innovations in all areas and also makes the space, resources and functionalities available to educational and research institutions, the healthcare sector and SMEs for multidisciplinary innovations. Both for ICT innovations such as big data, eHealth, SME SMARTfactory and Internet of Things, but also in the field of general technology such as energy transition, electricity, cooling and security. You can read more about initiatives that have already emerged in our Data Lab on the Data Competence Center page.


Bytesnet Groningen – De Bunders 1, 9747 AX Groningen

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Curious about our state-of-the-art data center and Datalab? Feel free to visit us sometime. We are happy to show you around.