Safe in the Netherlands, according to the highest standards

The security of your cloud environment and data is an essential part of our service. We take every measure, both physical and digital, to keep your IT environment secure and operational. This includes redundant implementation of critical components, a firewall to ward off virus attacks, robust DDoS and ransomware protection, data encryption, complete environment backup, high availability options, and strict access authorization.


We ensure the security of your private cloud environment against unauthorized access, DDoS, and ransomware attacks. Our high-end firewall provides a high level of security by default, and you can further customize it according to your needs.


In case of any unforeseen incidents affecting your data, we can restore it from the backup stored in a geographically separated location within the region, back into the primary storage environment.


Your cloud environment is strictly isolated from other customers' data and stored in one of our data centers in the Netherlands. The same applies to the backup, ensuring full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG).

What can you expect from us?

Physical Security

In addition to digital security, we ensure the essential factors that guarantee the functioning of your cloud environment. Power, cooling, fire protection, and connectivity are redundantly implemented. To prevent fires early, we use Very Intelligent Early Warning (VIEW) smoke detectors and double Very Early Smoke Detection Alarms (VESDA) installations with High-Sensitivity Smoke Detection (HSSD). These systems alert even when there are only a few parts per million (ppm) of smoke particles in the air.



Bytesnet is one of the most certified data center service providers in the Netherlands. We have ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 27001 (data protection), and as the first data center in the Netherlands, ISO 27701 (privacy). Additionally, we have ISAE 3402 II and NEN 7510 (specification of ISO 27001 for healthcare).


High Availability

In addition to the backup procedure, it is possible to fully duplicate your cloud environment at a twin location. In case of emergencies, you can switch directly to the secondary location and continue working from there. Your cloud environment remains always available because it is continuously fully replicated, ensuring you always have the latest version.



By default, data on the platform is encrypted with a 256-bit key. For extra security, you can also add encryption for data transmission.



DDoS attacks can disrupt any business of any size. These attacks are harmful to your business operations, current users, and can affect your business outcomes if left unprotected. DDoS attacks degrade the performance and availability of your network. Bytesnet’s DDoS Protection services offer powerful protection against DDoS attacks. Our model allows us to quickly identify an attack as it comes in. Furthermore, we divert it to our mitigation platform to clean up your traffic within seconds.


Next-Gen Firewall

Bytesnet focuses on continuous innovation and provides you with access to the most advanced security tools you need to enable digital business success. Our next-generation firewalls are high-quality devices that add intrusion prevention, application control, and anti-malware capabilities to the traditional firewall-VPN combination. Our NGFW (Next-Generation Firewall) provider offers a single platform for end-to-end security across your entire network.

With this security, Bytesnet contributes to a secure and sustainable digital society.

Want to know more? As Anthony!

If you would like more information about the security of your cloud environment in our data center, please feel free to contact us. We are also here to address any specific security requirements you may have.

Virtual server capacity

For a fixed monthly fee, you can have your own virtual machine in our Dutch data center. With the flexibility to scale up and down as needed.

Data Storage

Our open-source storage platform is suitable for block, file, and file storage. With a competitive price-performance ratio, we ensure that you always have sufficient capacity, good performance, and secure backups.