Sustainable Artificial Intelligence Platform

UbiOps & Bytesnet

Run & Manage AI in a sustainable way with UbiOps at Bytesnet

UbiOps and Bytesnet join forces to create the most powerful On Demand AI platform on Dutch soil.

Easily manage all your Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tasks on the robust UbiOps platform. UbiOps runs entirely on oil-cooled supercomputers provided by Bytesnet, giving you instant access to easily scalable superpower. Moreover, the heat generated is used to warm a residential area, making it 100% Dutch and sustainable!

100% Dutch

Supercomputer power right on Dutch soil.


HPC waste heat is supplied to the Groningen District Heating Network.

Fully certified

Always secure and available, with all relevant certifications.


Run & Manage your AI workloads easily at scale.

MLOps Made Easy

UbiOps is a software platform that allows data analysis teams to run, manage, and scale their AI and ML workloads on both GPUs and CPUs. The platform helps AI researchers and data specialists transform their workloads into reliable and secure microservices, enabling the development of the next generation of AI/ML products.

All of this can be achieved without the need for expertise in setting up and managing infrastructure and DevOps processes. UbiOps customers come from various sectors, ranging from scale-ups to large enterprises and government organizations.

For Every AI Application

With UbiOps, there's so much you can build at your fingertips. Deploy your Python & R code on UbiOps and scale directly in the cloud. Use it for real-time serverless data processing or long-running tasks. You can create both individual services and large workflows. Choose between efficient CPU or accelerated GPU instances.

UbiOps is delivered pre-installed on Bytesnet's hardware, making it ready to use immediately.

Need more computing power or storage? Just a phone call away, we'll take care of it.

Unprecedented stability, and accessible only to those who should have access.

Discover UbiOps

Curious about what UbiOps can do for you? From GPU-accelerated deep learning to long-running scientific calculations; the possibilities are endless.
Bekijk een introductie tot de kracht van UbiOps bij Bytesnet in de video.

Sustainable Supercomputers

Interested in how Bytesnet embraces sustainability? Discover how we deliver residual heat to Groningen and efficiently manage energy and cooling applications.


Medical Breakthrough by Ellogon.AI

Ellogon.AI has developed a faster and more efficient method to determine whether a cancer patient could benefit from immunotherapy. The tool used for this purpose, EIDOS, is based on big data and artificial intelligence (AI) and runs on the UbiOps platform.

Quicker to Production

Offered as a SaaS Solution

Easily Scaled to Meet Growing Demand

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You can use the UbiOps platform for free for 30 days. After that, you will be contacted once by a Bytesnet advisor to evaluate the trial.