Continuity through Reliable Data Connections

Our economy comes to a standstill without data connections, and our daily lives become increasingly dependent on digital data. We use the internet to gather knowledge and form new collaborations. When it doesn’t work, panic can ensue, such as when there’s no Wi-Fi at a holiday destination or when security cameras fail to provide footage, or a business grinds to a halt.


Always having secure access to the right information to use, edit, or share.

Carrier Neutral

Not connected or owned by a carrier, thus neutral, flexible, and independent.


Our employees are knowledgeable, certified, nearby, and accessible, making them fit for the job.

Bytesnet is the connecting factor between humans and data. We offer various data connections through Bytesnet Network Services, and we don’t stop until we are certain we have found the right connection for your company. By providing vendor-independent solutions, we offer greater freedom in choosing bandwidths and connectivity services, enabling us to create the ultimate combination of affordability, security, and speed for you.

Affordable, Secure, and Fast Connections

These are the advantages of working with Bytesnet:

  • Vendor and Brand Independence: We focus solely on finding the best data connection for you, with no bias towards any specific vendor or brand.
  • Efficiency: We know the most efficient ways to establish connections from point A to point B.
  • Pre-existing Services: We have services from well-known providers already available in our network.
  • Up-to-Date Knowledge: We are always aware of the latest offerings from potential suppliers.
  • Safety: Our data connections are secured by achieving quality certifications. You can view our certifications for more details.


Need independent advice or a second opinion?

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Secure, Continuous Connections

We ensure the continuity of connections by having optimally connected and secure datacenters in both Rotterdam and Groningen. In case a provider experiences an outage, we can quickly switch your environment to another provider. These connections are already available in-house, and a patch can be made swiftly. The highest level of security and availability is achieved through redundant connections between your organization and at least two of our data centers. Additionally, data remains safely stored in the Netherlands, following GDPR guidelines. We also offer Darkfibers connections, where companies can exclusively rent a fiber optic connection, for example, to process extremely large amounts of data or for extra heavy security requirements.


Access to All Cloud Connections

Whether it’s regional, national, or international Cloud connections, Bytesnet can directly assist you in establishing secure connections to all public Cloud providers. At attractive rates, we ensure the exchange of your data with platforms like public Microsoft Azure.

Connectivity within the data center

Carrier-independent, we search for the best choice in terms of connectivity and bandwidth for you.

Dark Fiber connection

We know and advise on the shortest and most cost-effective route for the locations you connect.

Cloud eXchange

Your own "toll-free" connection to public clouds. Private where necessary and public where possible.

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