Data Competence Center

Meeting place for digital innovation

The place that empowers data. Where all our products and services, along with those of our partners, come together for the optimization of business, education, and science. A breeding ground for innovation and a part of the regional ICT ecosystem.
In short, Bytesnet facilitates interaction according to the Triple Helix model for innovation, fostering partnerships between scientists, entrepreneurs, managers, and students. Bytesnet also actively participates in data-innovative projects and provides innovative workspaces.


The Datalab has already produced several groundbreaking initiatives, showcasing how the world of tomorrow can be brought into practice today.


At the core of our approach is collaboration, where people get to know each other personally. This principle is exemplified in the Datalab. By bringing together the right knowledge and individuals, we collectively work towards making the world better and more sustainable.

Regional Partner

The Datalab serves as a regional meeting place where students, public-private organizations, and businesses can collaborate and conduct research, leveraging the latest available technologies. Our aim is to stimulate and foster growth in the region.

The world of tomorrow, in practice

The Datalab is available for students and organizations, either for free or at a minimal cost. Normally, these parties might not interact with each other, but here they do. It serves as the perfect collaborative space for conducting research and executing projects that require digital infrastructure. We provide the necessary hardware, but participants can also connect their own equipment. For security reasons, the Datalab is physically separated from the data center.

Established in 2018, the Datalab has already witnessed several intriguing initiatives and research projects in this creative incubator. For example, exploring whether one can hack the internet using the Bluetooth connection of a toothbrush. Additionally, knowledge institutions and businesses collaborated on themes such as:

  • ICT innovations (big data, blockchain, cloud)
  • Data center technology (HPC cooling, air conditioning management)
  • Energy transition (utilizing waste heat, green energy)

Some of the outcomes from these initiatives are applied within our own data center. For instance, we aim to maximize the efficiency of reusing waste heat, identify the most sustainable method for data center cooling, and optimize air conditions with minimal energy consumption.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Bytesnet’s business philosophy goes beyond merely leasing server room space. Our primary focus is on creating societal value rather than solely financial returns. Through the Datalab, we aim to be an open partner and an active part of an ecosystem where education, business, and other partners converge around essential topics like big data and energy transition. In the few years since its inception, the Datalab has proven to be an exciting cross-over between the knowledge of Hanze University and the experience of various companies involved in digitalization.


Outstanding Facilities for Collaboration and Knowledge Transfer

Collaborating flexibly and agilely with a team comprising managers/entrepreneurs, scientists, and students is challenging within the confines of an office, school, or university. However, our Datalab has no limitations in terms of facilities, computing power, data storage, and connectivity.

From physical lectures and seminars to digital classes and webinars, everything is possible in our round auditorium equipped with modern presentation tools. Whether it’s stand-ups, round-ups, or traditional meetings, the Datalab at the Data Competence Center d’ROOT provides a space for all kinds of collaborative activities.



Breeding Ground for Innovation

The Datalab serves as an open and campus-focused space where companies, scientists, and students can collaborate. It offers various facilities, including an auditorium, scrum rooms, and a tech lab, all dedicated to fostering innovation through cooperation.

Datacenter d'ROOT

Our most sustainable location

At Datacenter d'ROOT, we securely store and access your data by housing your and our computing power, data storage, networks, and cloud resources. It is our most sustainable facility, ensuring the utmost security for your valuable data.

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