Twinning Solutions

Redundancy to prevent downtime.

Do you want to ensure that you can rely on a backup or failover location in case of an outage? That’s where we offer twinning solutions: the option to store your data or mirror applications at a separate location. A disaster recovery environment. These geographically separated locations are within a radius of 10 kilometers from our own data centers. This way, even in case of emergencies or maintenance-related failover, you can remain fully operational with your IT environment.


With backups and a potential failover location, you can easily start operations from our twin data centers in the event of an outage, attack, or planned maintenance. This ensures the safety of your business processes.

100% Dutch

Our Data Competence Centers are located in the Netherlands and are governed by Dutch laws and regulations. You can trust us regarding privacy, accessibility, and availability.

Quality Guarantee

We have established the best SLAs (Service Level Agreements) with our partners. Even in emergency situations or during maintenance, you can rely on the quality you have agreed upon with us.

Fundament of the Digital Society

Reduce Downtime

With a well-established backup procedure and a failover location, you can minimize downtime. Bytesnet provides your backup and failover at one of our reliable partners. By continuously mirroring your systems and data at a geographically separate location, you can quickly and safely restart after a possible disaster. Additionally, a mirrored location can be practical during planned maintenance.

We are the foundation of the digital society. IT plays an increasingly larger and more critical role in our society. For your business or organization, system failure can be disastrous. It can lead to revenue loss or processes not being monitored. For production companies or hospitals, this can result in dangerous situations. We fully understand this, which is why we ensure redundancy. In our datacenters, we have redundant provisions for power, connectivity, and cooling. If desired, we can also provide backup or failover for your data and applications in one of our twin data centers. This way, we prevent unpleasant situations.


Our Twin Concept

“One is none!” A statement that applies to many things, especially when it comes to data storage. That’s why we mirror your environment or data at a second location (colocation) if desired. In addition to two locations, we also offer other forms of redundancy. A data center should never rely on a single power feed. We provide you with two power feeds as a standard, and in d’ROOT, you even have the option of four power feeds. For emergency power supply in our data centers, backup is always arranged through redundant UPS units and generators (TIER III). Bytesnet also offers redundancy in connections. Our data centers have two physically separated meet-me rooms with various layer-2 and layer-3 service providers, including internet.

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Private Corridors & Suites

Your own data center within our data center? A shielded space with personalized access to your equipment, designed for and by you.


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