Cloud eXchange

Toll-free highway from your private environment to the public cloud.

An increasing number of companies are utilizing large public cloud solutions such as Microsoft Azure, Google, or Amazon AWS. IT companies develop applications on these major platforms for their clients. This involves extensive data exchange between various cloud providers. Bytesnet offers connections to these well-known cloud services at competitive rates because we provide vendor-independent solutions and possess knowledge of the fastest and most optimal connections.


Bytesnet provides you with a direct connection between your environment in our data center and the three largest public cloud providers.

Transparent costs

You only pay for the connection within the agreed bandwidth. No additional costs based on the amount of data transmitted.


Easily adjustable according to your actual needs.

Access to all public cloud connections

Our connection between your environment and that of the public cloud. This contributes to your hybrid Cloud strategy and a secure, sustainable digital society. The solution offered is the final piece of a well-founded project. Within this collaborative project, we highlight the required bandwidth, desired security, available time, and resources to achieve the goals. Subsequently, we present you with a fitting and scalable connection, tailored and flexible for your organization. Your partner should be 100% Dutch, innovative, and sustainable.


What can you expect from us?

  • Security: We mitigate your risk together by providing this direct, private connection to the public cloud.
  • Performance: We prevent bandwidth issues such as latency through a guaranteed connection and availability.
  • Cost savings: Through standardization, we make it manageable again. You do not pay for the amount of traffic and save 30-50% on data distribution costs.
  • Reliability: Performance is continuously optimized with our professional support and expert advice. Contractually secured by a suitable and comprehensive Service Level Agreement.


Connectivity within the data center

Carrier-independent, we search for the best choice in terms of connectivity and bandwidth for you.

Dark Fiber connection

We know and advise on the shortest and most cost-effective route for the locations you connect.

Switching to SD-WAN?

Do you want to switch to a flexible SD-WAN? Or would you like to know more about the possibilities? Anthony!