Spaanse Kubus

Our TierIII(+) data center is directly connected to the internet backbone of Europe. This way we guarantee the fastest connections. The conditions in the data center are aimed at maximum functioning of your connections and hardware, in a sustainable manner. The data center is accessible 24/7 to customers. So your hardware is always within reach.


Racks in our data center in the Spanish Cube are standard 46HE (220 x 60 x 100 cm). Wider (80 cm) and/or deeper (120 cm) sizes are also available. You can choose whether you want to lock your racks with a combination lock or SmartACCESS. You can read more about the colocation options under Colocation. 

Power supply

The power supply for racks consists of two separate circuits, both of which supply 230 Volts. The power is protected with 16 or 32 Ampère fuses and supplied as standard single phase. Three phases (400 Volt) can also be supplied on request.


Cooling takes place with a heat wheel with which we make optimal use of cooling with outside air. With this KyotoCooling, we keep CO2 emissions as low as possible and we do not use scarce tap water.


Our data center offers guaranteed BORG 3 security (incl. 24/7 NOC). Access takes place according to an ISO 27001 certified access procedure. We use card, facial and finger print identification. The access recognition is redundant so that you can always access your equipment.

Fire safety

Our focus is mainly on detecting dust and soot particles as early as possible with Very Intelligent Early Warning (VIEW) smoke detectors and dual Very Early Smoke Detection Alarms (VESDA) installations with High-Sensitivity Smoke Detection HSSD. Naturally, all data rooms have automatic extinguishing systems and transfer to the fire brigade. 

Surrounded by experts

There is always room for you and your IT staff to work in the data center. If you have a question or would like advice, one of our employees is always nearby. They are happy to help you. If you opt for a private cage, you can also easily leave your auxiliary materials behind.

Accessible and close

We provide national coverage from our regional data centers in Rotterdam and Groningen. For you, this means that we are always close by. You have access to your equipment 24/7. Do you need a pair of hands in the data center itself, for example to accept new equipment or reset a server? Then we would be happy to do that for you. This saves you travel time and you can be sure that your equipment is safe in the hands of a professional.

Because IT now plays such a major role in our daily and professional lives, we are very aware of the importance of uptime. Thanks to redundant implementation of the essentials such as power, data supply and cooling. We guarantee an uptime of 99.98%. 


As a data center, we use as little energy as possible. That is why we cool the data rooms with outside air instead of tap water. We also use 100% green energy and biodiesel for the emergency generators.

But it doesn’t end there. Every day we are looking at how things can be made even more sustainable. One of our measures is to keep the humidity as low as possible. The standard in data centers is 80%. We keep this within the range 30% to 60% and a maximum of 70%. In this way we slow down the formation of corrosion on your hardware. In addition to humidity, we closely monitor dust particles and minimal temperature changes. With all these measures, we do everything we can to extend the lifespan of your hardware. That’s good for you, but also for the environment!

You can find more about our sustainability projects on the Sustainability page.

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