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100% Dutch

100% Dutch

Bytesnet is 100% Dutch. Regionally active and connected. Reliable and trusted under Dutch laws and regulations.



In everything, Bytesnet works towards reducing your and our ecological footprint. This is accomplished with the help of the latest innovations and technology.

Continual Innovation

Continual Innovation

Bytesnet never stands still. We continuously develop new services based on the latest technological and digital advancements in the market.

Embedded in Society
We have unique collaborations with education, research, healthcare, and the business community.
Fully Certified
Fully certified for all locations and activities, without exceptions.
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Collaborating with people who get to know each other (learn) together


Unprecedented computing power, optimal data processing, easy deployment for research and innovation. We offer pay-per-use HPC environments that make the use of AI and Deep Learning for research faster and simpler.


Our datalab has everything you need for students, researchers, and companies to work on the most complex data-intensive projects. Would you like to take a closer look at this cutting-edge datalab?


Did you know that as an ICT service provider, you can become a partner of Bytesnet? With our partner program, you can offer all our data center services directly and choose your desired service level.

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Ensuring that your employees and customers can work without worries.


By relocating your own IT environment to the optimally secured and conditioned data centers of Bytesnet, you provide both business continuity and sustainability.


Perform the most complex calculations and applications using unparalleled computing capacity. Bytesnet offers pay-per-use HPC solutions for this purpose.

Cloud Computing

Bytesnet delivers a pure IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) from its renewed environment. Private where necessary and public where possible.


Always securely connected to have the right information available for use, editing, or sharing.

Empower your data

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Regionally connected, nationally active


Datacenter Spaanse Kubus

Proven technology directly on the European backbone for the fastest connections. With perfectly conditioned data rooms and equipped with a safe and green power supply.

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Data Competence Center d'ROOT

Literal and figuratively our greenest data center, located on the Zernike campus, connected to the region and the ICT ecosystem. Collaborating on a sustainable and innovative New Netherlands.

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