The best environmental conditions for your servers and data: optimal reliability and lifespan.

Bytesnet offers lockable server racks for your hardware in a highly secure data center. Your servers are protected against unauthorized access, fire, dust, and power outages. With two separate power feeds, we ensure continuity and availability of your systems and data. We guarantee an availability of 99.982% in our TIER III data centers. Furthermore, our racks have larger standard dimensions to provide extra workspace and cabling. It’s our data centers, but your data center space.

Maximum control over your own hardware

You and your staff have 24/7 independent access to the secured rackspace with your servers. You are always welcome to work on maintenance in our data center, or you can engage one of our experts.

Cost-efficient and sustainable

We ensure the best conditions for your servers: dust-free, constant temperature, and relatively low humidity. Setting up these conditions yourself can be costly. We provide the best possible data center conditions: cost-efficient for you and sustainable for the environment.

Availability of 99.982%

The essential factors for continuity are redundantly implemented with us: power, temperature, and data traffic. These are monitored 24/7 by our team. You can trust that we do everything possible to keep your servers available.

Reliable and Innovative

Our goal is to be the foundation of the digital society. That’s why we offer reliable data center services. You need to be able to trust your hardware. Therefore, we ensure that your servers are redundantly connected to power and data traffic to avoid any interruptions in your critical processes. This is why many private-public organizations, such as hospitals, choose to use our services. They need to rely on their IT for fast diagnoses and even life monitoring.


Smart, Secure Access Control with SmartAccess

Secure access to the data center and data rooms is expected from any data center. However, personalized access to your racks is less common. Bytesnet offers this through SmartAccess.

SmartAccess is a standard part of our services, where a digital card reader is placed on your server racks. This way, access to racks is authorized for the right individuals and may also be limited to specific time slots. Responsibilities can also be separated. An additional advantage is that SmartAccess generates data that shows who performed actions, when they occurred, and how long the activities took place.


Spacious Design & High-Density Capabilities

Our focus is not on fitting as many racks as possible per square meter. Instead, we concentrate on maximizing functionality per rack, provided there is sufficient power capacity, cooling, and space. In our datacenters, we offer ample space in the data halls, corridors, and racks. Recently, we designed our own racks based on our years of experience and changing hardware dimensions. Our 80/120 racks now come with clever solutions for cable management, heat control, and sealing. High density is not a problem for us. With Immersion cooling, we can go even further than with traditional air cooling.


Rotterdam -

Datacenter Spaanse Kubus

Proven technology directly on the European backbone for the fastest connections. With perfectly conditioned data rooms and equipped with a safe and green power supply.

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Groningen -

Data Competence Center d'ROOT

Literal and figuratively our greenest data center, located on the Zernike campus, connected to the region and the ICT ecosystem. Collaborating on a sustainable and innovative New Netherlands.

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Want t know more? Contact Anthony!

He would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities of renting rackspace in our datacenters. Or read more specifications about our rackspaces in Groningen and Rotterdam.

Private Corridors & Suites

Your own data center within our data center? A shielded space with personalized access to your equipment, designed for and by you.

Twinning Solutions

Prevent a single point of failure and keep your environment reliably available. Redundant locations, power supply, equipment, and connectivity.


Our extension of your IT organization. Certified professionals who ensure that your professionals can do what they are trained for.