Dark Fiber connection

Your own digital highway.

Our Layer 1 services consist of Dark Fibers and WDM solutions. A Dark Fiber connection is a dedicated fiber optic link, used, for example, to transport data between two locations within an organization. It is also known as an unlit fiber and is an excellent option for rapidly and securely transporting large amounts of data. Bytesnet offers not only Dark Fibers but also WDM solutions like DWDM and CWDM, in collaboration with our Layer 1 partner, Tallgrass. These solutions are manufacturer- and brand-independent.


Always have access to the right information securely, whether to use, edit, or share.


Not connected or owned by a specific carrier, which means we are neutral, flexible, and independent.


Our employees are knowledgeable, certified, nearby, and accessible, making them fit for the job.

WDM, Wavelength Division Multiplexing

WDM is a method of transmitting information through different wavelengths over modern fiber optic connections. Within WDM, there are two alternatives:

  • CWDM, Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing
  • DWDM, Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing

The latter technique, DWDM, is a more precise fiber optic technology that can span thousands of kilometers. Our WDM services are used, for example, by ISVs to provide business applications reliably, as well as to securely transport large amounts of data between, for instance, hospital data centers. This WDM technology is offered between Bytesnet data centers, where the customer gets their own wavelength, and the bandwidth doesn’t need to be shared with other customers. Encryption services are also available.



We are familiar with the existing infrastructure of most carriers. Together with you, we choose the shortest possible route at the right rates, functionality, and conditions for your own Darkfibers.


Connectivity between data centers

Naturally, our own data centers are well connected to each other, and locations with our twin data center partners are also well connected, often via our own Darkfibers connections. Like most data centers connected to the DDA, we can use the flexible and scalable solution of DCspine, NL-ix, and other providers for connections with other data centers. Of course, we are not limited to those connections and also offer connections from other service providers.


What can you expect from us?

  • Reliable connections
  • Excellent support
  • Expert and accurate advice

Connectivity within the data center

Carrier-independent, we search for the best choice in terms of connectivity and bandwidth for you.

Cloud eXchange

Your own "toll-free" connection to public clouds. Private where necessary and public where possible.

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