Data Analytics & AI

Turn your data into action

High Performance Computing revolves around data analysis. In addition to providing the necessary hardware for HPC, we also offer support with the installation of data analysis packages, so you can start working right away. We take care of the proper license input and settings. All you need to do afterward is input your data, and the analysis can begin immediately.

One stop shop

A single point of contact for your HPC needs. We take care of the hardware, operational management, and installation of the data analytics package you desire, so you can focus on research and analysis.

Get started immediately

After the installation of the data analytics package, you can input your dataset and start the analysis right away. We handle the proper setup and licensing input.

Expert advice

If you are unfamiliar with the latest data analytics packages, we can provide guidance on the most commonly used ones that suit your application.

What you can expect from us:

Floating license

If you already have a license for a data analytics package or plan to acquire one, we can install the relevant package on our HPC server. This way, you can access more computing power than on your own server, leading to faster analysis. Once the project is completed, you can continue using the license on your own server.


Installed data analytics packages

We offer standard installations of open-source data analytics packages upon request, as well as the top 5 most commonly used licensed data analytics packages. If you use a different package, we can install it using your license.


Outsourcing data analytics

If you wish to outsource data analyses without hiring HPC capacity, that is also possible. For instance, you can have thousands of MRI scans analyzed or conduct pattern recognition in photos. This option is practical for project teams that do not want to depend on internal IT capacity and need quick results.



Data analyses require significant computing power, which consumes energy both during execution and for cooling the servers. At Bytesnet, we strive to contribute to a sustainable digital society. That’s why we cool our HPC machines using Immersed Computing¬©, submerging the servers in oil instead of using tap water. We then reuse the remaining heat to warm buildings in the region. These measures aim to minimize our environmental impact and promote innovation. In our Datalab, we work on more projects related to energy conservation and sustainability. Learn more on our Sustainability page.


Your data and analyses in the Netherlands

Our clients mainly consist of research institutions, hospitals, municipalities, and other public-private organizations. For them, it is essential that their data and analyses are performed in the Netherlands to comply with GDPR regulations and ensure privacy for clients and patients. Another advantage is that the data travels through fewer nodes, which is better for the environment!

Want to learn more about data analyses?

If you have any questions about performing data analyses, feel free to contact our sales team. They will be more than happy to provide you with further information.

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