Collaborating within a single extensive business ecosystem

You might be a professional ICT service provider, an ISV (Independent Software Vendor), a telecom organization, or perhaps a specialist in digital security. Whoever you are, we are eager to collaborate with partners who want to integrate our services within their own offering.

Creating distinctiveness together

What benefits do your customers experience when you partner with Bytesnet? Here are some examples that strengthen your proposition:

  • Data storage on Dutch soil with a Dutch organization. More and more companies recognize that too much critical data is in the hands of large international entities. Set yourself apart with a better alternative.
  • Highly reliable services. As an IT or ICT service provider, there is a full guarantee of service continuity. In case of power or infrastructure failure, backup is immediately arranged, just as it is for data. We securely deploy IT and ICT service providers’ cloud solutions on-premises in our data centers.
  • The highest level of digital security, such as offering ultra-fast direct fiber connections (Darkfiber).

In addition to our strict certifications, SLAs, and security aspects strengthening your customer offering, it’s not unthinkable that we may collectively identify new opportunities. After all, the Bytesnet network is extensive. Of course, you will remain the primary point of contact and contract partner.

As a Bytesnet partner, you benefit as well

Bytesnet offers attractive discounts for partners on our Housing & Co-location services. Additionally, we provide a monthly compensation when customers are referred directly or indirectly through the partner.

Offer something different from competitors

If you want to be a trusted advisor for clients and, like us, set the highest standards for data storage and data transport in terms of safety and quality, we can explore together in a non-committal discussion how we can mutually reinforce each other.

Want to learn more? Contact Anthony!

Do you want more information about our solutions? Feel free to reach out to us for a non-committal conversation!


By relocating your own IT environment to the optimally secured and conditioned data centers of Bytesnet, you provide both business continuity and sustainability.

Cloud Computing

Bytesnet delivers a pure IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) from its renewed environment. Private where necessary and public where possible.


Perform the most complex calculations and applications using unparalleled computing capacity. Bytesnet offers pay-per-use HPC solutions for this purpose.


Always securely connected to have the right information available for use, editing, or sharing.