Private Corridors & Suites

Your own secured server environment

In a secluded private corridor within our data center, you have control over who can access your corridor or suite. With SmartAccess, you can even provide personalized access to a specific rack. Your hardware is securely stored in a fireproof, dust-free environment with redundant power and data supplies. We ensure the highest level of physical and digital security for your servers.


Access to our data centers is strictly regulated according to ISO 27001. Your corridor is secured with SmartAccess, allowing you to control who has access. If an employee leaves, you can immediately block access. Reports provide insight into who entered the corridor and when.

Freedom of Operation

With a private corridor or suite, you create your own data center within our data center. This gives you the freedom to design that specific part of the data center as you wish. The floor layout, cabinet types, cabling—it's your data center, you set it up, and we facilitate and secure it.


Creating a dedicated data center with ideal conditions for your hardware can be costly and requires continuous monitoring and adjustments. By establishing your own data center environment within our data center, you can achieve significant cost savings without major investments.

Security and Innovation

In your private corridor, you place your own racks in a locked space within one of our data halls. Access to the cage is secured with SmartAccess. Only the employees you authorize have access through a card reader on the cage. The access data provides information about who has accessed the cage and when. With a private colocation cage, your employees have quick access to your equipment, and they can keep practical tools and materials within reach. It also gives you more freedom to independently set up patches between your racks.

Various organizations, including hospitals, government agencies, and public-private entities, have been placing their hardware in private corridors in our data centers for years. They benefit from sharing the costs of an optimized space while knowing that their processes and data are well-protected. Even in case of a power outage, operations can continue seamlessly.

As the foundation of the digital society, we work every day to provide innovative solutions to prevent outages and function as sustainably as possible. Learn more about our sustainable solutions by clicking here.


Smart, Secure Access Control with SmartAccess

Secure access to the data center and the data hall is expected from any data center. However, personalized access to your racks is not commonly offered.

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