Datacenter Groningen

Groningen and Bytesnet have a connection dating back to the previous century. In 1999, the Groningen Internet Exchange (GN-IX) was established to better connect the region digitally. This foundation provided a network platform for businesses, governments, and institutions, facilitating the exchange of IP traffic. In response to customer demand for data facilities and storage, Datacenter Groningen was established in 2008. Bytesnet, the operator that emerged from GN-IX, remains 100% Dutch.

Datacenter Groningen: Benefiting from an Internet Hub

As an internet hub with fast connections, GN-IX played a crucial role for the IT sector, the economy, and society in the Northern Netherlands. As digitalization continued to progress, businesses, governments, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations all found a growing need for data storage and processing. It became efficient to house these facilities at the internet hub.

From GN-IX, Bytesnet was born in 2008, and it provided a solution for these needs with Datacenter Groningen, offering conditioned and secure spaces for IT and network equipment. With Housing and Co-Location, high-quality facilities became available to all customers.

From Renting Data Center Spaces to Owning Data Centers

Bytesnet began in Groningen by renting data center spaces at various data centers, including that of the University of Groningen. This approach was successful, but the spaces quickly became too small due to the demand. Moreover, Bytesnet found that customers wanted more. The desire emerged to develop its data center, similar to the one in Rotterdam. Plans were then made in partnership with others for a completely new and sustainable data center on the Zernike Campus.

In 2018, Bytesnet opened the Data Competence Center d’ROOT, a brand-new and sustainable building with a unique concept. It combines secure and reliable data storage with fast connections in a data center and an accessible Datalab with work, presentation, research, and testing spaces. These are extensively used by knowledge and research institutions and innovative companies in the region, particularly for Artificial Intelligence and other high-tech applications.

Services of Datacenter Groningen d’ROOT

Bytesnet offers various data and related services in d’ROOT, which can be categorized into four themes:

Datacenter Groningen: A Breeding Ground for Digital Innovation

Datacenter Groningen is not your typical data center. You can see this from the outside, and you can experience it inside. It’s a place for digital action. Datacenter Groningen welcomes and provides space for entrepreneurs, leaders, students, and scientists. It initiates and facilitates collaboration among partners, knowledge and research institutions, governments, educational institutions, and the business community. As a result, the Data Competence Center is a breeding ground for innovation in the field of digital technology.


Datacenter Groningen Supports Scientific Research

Digitalization is widespread, and the amount of data and its potential for information and research are growing rapidly. d’ROOT boasts state-of-the-art facilities for High Performance Computing. At the core of these facilities are high-powered servers. More and more companies, research institutions, laboratories, and hospitals are using these servers. They no longer need to invest in expensive computers themselves. These servers are indispensable for scientific research, AI applications, and data analysis with big data.

Datacenter Groningen: Sustainability at the Forefront

Sustainability was a key consideration in the design and concept of the data center in Groningen, from the materials used to energy consumption. It goes beyond the choice of energy-efficient equipment and efficient free-air cooling.

Heat Recovery

Datacenter Groningen collaborates with WarmteStad Groningen to capture the heat produced by the servers and supply it to the district heating network. This heat can be used to heat homes.

Cooling in Oil

High Performance Computing is an energy-intensive process. The processors produce more heat than regular computers, requiring advanced cooling. For this purpose, Bytesnet in d’ROOT uses Immersion Cooling, a new Dutch technology. In this closed liquid-cooled system, the servers are immersed in a special oil. This is not only more efficient than free-air cooling but also allows for better reuse of the higher heat generated. The resulting CO2 savings for the district heating network are at least 55%.


Bytesnet is also involved in a pilot project that utilizes green hydrogen. A fuel cell installation using green hydrogen will supply a portion of our power.

SmartPower & Performance

Many servers of customers with their equipment in d’ROOT run continuously at their maximum capacity, even though this is necessary only for a fraction of the time (during peak loads). Bytesnet, in partnership with the Dutch company Tuuring, has developed a platform to monitor server performance and related energy consumption. Together, they have created a solution that combines power management with Digital Performance Management: SmartPower & Performance. This solution enables customers to reduce server energy consumption and CO2 emissions by at least 10% without sacrificing performance.

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