High Performance Computing

Aggregated Supercomputing Power

The developments in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics create an increasing demand for high-performance computing and data processing. We have established a state-of-the-art High-Performance Computing (HPC) environment, leveraging the latest knowledge and technology in this field. This environment is utilized for multiple clients and projects, allowing them to access this high-quality, efficient computing power flexibly and cost-effectively.
Using a supercomputer for your high-performance workloads is easy and fast with us. You can benefit from it without incurring high costs or making investments yourself.


Budgeting for projects becomes simpler with HPC-as-a-service. No investments, only pay for what you use.

Insight into Consumption

We provide visibility into the consumption of resources and the total usage. This gives a clear picture of the required capacity and costs for your organization.


Research results often contain sensitive information. With our own data centers in the Netherlands, we have full control over the entire HPC infrastructure, ensuring security and protection for your data.

Modular and Scalable Computing Power

Bytesnet offers capacity to organizations that require computing and analytical power of a quality not provided by the public cloud, both on a structural basis and occasionally.

Through collaboration, the High-Performance Computers in our data competence centers deliver more computing power than the sum of individual servers. These systems are suitable for providing maximum support to businesses with intensive digital tasks such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), modeling, Machine Learning (ML), video rendering, digital twins, blockchain, Industry 4.0, and digital engineering. For each user, we offer the desired level of management, from bare metal to virtual systems. You choose what suits your organization best.

HPC is a centralized infrastructure composed of CPU (computing power), GPU (graphics cards), storage, and Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FGPAs for logical functions). With this system, you can build a deep learning pipeline capable of reading images and recognizing patterns after feeding the system. Analyzing thousands of MRI and CT scans becomes much easier with this approach. Decoding genetic codes or studying the simultaneous effect of multiple phenomena on a product or structural design is faster and less error-prone with HPC.



To achieve the massive data processing capacity, the various components of the supercomputer work together. However, you can rest assured that the tasks and calculations of each user are fully isolated. Third parties do not have access to your work and data. An additional security measure is that your data is stored in the Netherlands, staying within the country’s borders. Therefore, you have no concerns about possible interference or access by foreign governments. This is a crucial reason why many of our public-private clients choose us.


Data Analytics Packages

If you are looking for suitable data analytics packages, we are here to help. With our experience, we can advise you on the most used packages. We can install open-source packages for you, and we make your licensed packages available.



All that computing power consumes energy and generates a lot of heat. In the future, we will use increasingly complex IT solutions. As Bytesnet, we are the foundation of the digital society, but we believe it should be done sustainably. That’s the only way forward, in our opinion. That’s why we focus on energy innovation in our datacenters every day. Our HPC hardware is cooled using Immersed Computing¬©. In Asperitas units, the computers are immersed in oil, which cools the hardware. We pass on the excess heat to WarmteStad in Groningen, which uses it to heat buildings in the area.

Want to learn more about what else we do for a sustainable digital society? Check out our Sustainability page.

HPC Compute

Extra computing power when you need it.

HPC Storage

Data available directly for those who need it.

Data Analytics & AI

Our (brain)power for your algorithms.

Looking for Superpower?

No matter what level of management you desire for High Performance Computing: bare metal, a complete virtual desktop environment, or even analyzing scans without renting HPC, we are here to assist you. Call Anthony for a personalized quote.