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Bytesnet is 100% Dutch, sustainable, accessible, and close by

Bytesnet is the foundation of the digital society. We live in the digital era, where the global network continuously improves, becomes faster, and smarter, providing us with all the information we need. People, products, and systems exchange information 24/7, and with the help of data, revolutionary achievements are made. Artificial Intelligence enables our doctors to make faster and better diagnoses, saving lives. Computer-driven cars will learn to respond better than any human driver by analyzing data on driving behavior from millions of drivers worldwide. We are only at the beginning of this digital revolution, where technology serves humanity’s needs.

What do we do?

We provide our customers with digital infrastructure services in the areas of Colocation, High Performance Computing, Cloud, and Connectivity.

As a 100% Dutch company, we offer complete transparency and control over your data. We are accessible and nearby, primarily active in the public-private domain.


How do we work?

We believe in a collaborative approach where people get to know each other personally, enabling proactive actions.

With trust in the Dutch innovative power of businesses, education, and science, we store, unlock, and distribute data in our data centers, your data center(s), third-party data centers, and the cloud.

We are down-to-earth and entrepreneurial with a strong focus on safety and sustainability.


What drives us?

We believe that the power of data, combined with the determination of people, can lead to a sustainable and better world tomorrow.

We gladly contribute to this through our services, our innovation(s), and improving energy performance throughout the chain. We see this as the only sustainable way to ensure that the growth in data positively contributes to our digital society.

By doing so, we demonstrate how the world of tomorrow can already be put into practice today.


A guarantee of quality and security

Bytesnet is one of the most qualified providers of datacenter services in the Netherlands. For data centers, it is essential to meet specific ISO certifications as it builds customer trust, helps comply with laws and regulations, improves operational efficiency, and provides a competitive advantage. Learn more about our certifications.




Bytesnet focuses on sustainability. In our data center and data lab d'ROOT, 100% of the energy comes from green sources. This is just one example.

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Keep your data here!


Data is the new fuel of our economy and essential for your future. We prove that data is worth its weight in gold for every business. Keep that data here!

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The early IP beginnings in 1999

The roots of Bytesnet date back to 1999. In that year, Groningen Internet Exchange (GN-IX) was founded, followed shortly after by the opening of Rotterdam Internet Exchange (R-IX) in Rotterdam. Both organizations are network platforms that facilitate the exchange of IP traffic.


The trust grow

Over time, customers start asking entrepreneurs Bix Jacobse and Peter de Jong to provide not only connectivity but also conditioned spaces for IT and network equipment. Data, and especially secure data storage, becomes increasingly important.


The founding of Bytesnet in 2008

Starting from 2008, in addition to connectivity, housing & co-location services are offered in Groningen and Rotterdam. The organization grows rapidly, and this growth continues. Today, Bytesnet provides its services from four themes: Housing & Co-Location, Expert Services, Data Innovation, and Network Services. This is done from their own locations and those of their twin data center partners


Opening Bytesnet d'ROOT in 2018

With partners and customers, Bytesnet is developing a unique concept consisting of a combination of an advanced data center and an innovative Data Lab on Campus Groningen. Collaboration with universities, colleges, scientists and the business community is becoming more intensive, partly because modern facilities, workplaces and knowledge are offered. Read more:

In 2018, Bytesnet opens d’ROOT, a unique concept that combines an advanced data center and an innovative Data lab on Campus Groningen. The collaboration with universities, colleges, scientists, and businesses intensifies, offering modern facilities, workspaces, and knowledge. For more information, click here.


Introduction HPC

In 2021, we expanded our portfolio to include a modular, circular High-Performance Compute (HPC) environment. With this unique business model, we enable sustainable big data processing and data storage for many more organizations.



We empower your data and contribute to the sustainable development of our digital society.
Jan-Joris van Dijk - Managing Director

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