HPC Storage

High Performance Storage Capacity

Bytesnet offers ultra-fast High-Performance Storage in collaboration with WEKA. The unique parallel file system and support for all protocols ensure more efficient utilization of HPC power, resulting in cost savings and faster results. Bytesnet’s WEKA Storage-as-a-Service is easy to manage, scalable, and secure. Storing data in the Netherlands also ensures privacy and compliance with GDPR regulations. Bytesnet is fully certified and provides a one-stop-shop for High Performance Computing and Storage.

Flat fee

Unlike other providers, with us, you only pay for the amount of stored data (in Terabytes and Petabytes). We do not charge for data distribution between storage and compute.

Scale up, scale out

Our storage is easy to expand in capacity (scale up) and can be made faster by performing tasks in parallel (scale out). You can also store hot, warm, and cold classified data on the appropriate medium at the right cost.

Storage in the Netherlands

Your data is stored in d'ROOT, our datacenter in Groningen. Your analyses and data remain within the Netherlands, even if you switch to another machine.

High-Performance-Storage. Super-fast, secure, 100% Dutch, and green!

Increasing complexity and data volume require a new approach

Today’s world demands ever faster development, real-time analysis, and time-to-market, while the challenges are becoming increasingly complex. With applications involving AI and ML, the amount of data we work with has exponentially grown in recent years. Not only has the volume of data increased, but also the composition of the data has changed. This trend will undoubtedly continue in the coming years. It calls for a new way to handle such workloads, both now and in the future.


Powerful infrastructure through the combination of HPC and WEKA Storage

Pure computational power is no longer sufficient as an answer to these demands. While Bytesnet has been providing High Performance Compute (HPC) solutions for some time, we now combine it with a High Performance Storage platform from WEKA. This results in the most powerful, scalable, and fastest infrastructure for your research and applications.


Groundbreaking throughput and efficient data flows with WEKA storage

WEKA storage is groundbreaking and unrivaled in terms of throughput. The I/O processing is extremely fast, with ultra-low latency due to the unique design of the parallel file system. Moreover, it supports all major protocols, including NFS and Posix, SMB, S3, GPU Direct Storage & HDFS. With an optimized data stream between compute and storage, this solution leads to approximately 30% to 60% more efficient utilization of our HPC power.


Cost savings, faster results, and sustainability with Bytesnet’s WEKA Storage as a Service

This not only saves you substantial costs but also accelerates results, contributing to sustainability. With Bytesnet’s WEKA Storage as a Service, you gain access to an easy-to-manage, highly scalable, and future-proof storage platform at competitive rates. Furthermore, your data is securely stored in the Netherlands. For many research institutions and public-private organizations dealing with data or image analysis and pattern recognition, this is a crucial reason to choose High-Performance-Storage with us.

What can you expect from us?

On Dutch soil

Research data often contains sensitive information, both for the organization and the individuals involved. According to the GDPR, it is your responsibility as the owner to ensure that this data is only accessible to those who have permission. Storing your data in the public cloud means that U.S. legislation applies if the cloud provider is a U.S. company. This means that the NSA and other U.S. government agencies can demand access to data outside the country’s borders, including your organization’s data. By storing your data in our datacenter in Groningen, such interference is not possible. Moreover, your data travels a shorter distance, which is not only better for privacy but also for energy consumption.



Bytesnet is one of the most certified providers of datacenter services in the Netherlands. We are ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 27001 (data protection), and the first data center in the Netherlands to achieve ISO 27701 (privacy) certification. Additionally, we hold ISAE 3402 II and NEN 7510 (specification of ISO 27001 for healthcare).


One-stop shop

Our goal is to contribute to innovation by providing research institutions and commercial companies with a one-stop shop for High Performance Computing. We take care of the hardware and infrastructure, so you can focus on research and analysis.

Want to know more about HPC storage?

Our sales team can provide you with more information about HPC storage. Contact us for a non-binding conversation.

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