Virtual server capacity

Capacity on demand for a fixed low monthly fee

Powerful virtual machines that you can easily use for a fixed low monthly fee. We provide the CPU and memory capacity, and you can configure this computing power according to your specific needs. We handle the operational management and proactive maintenance, ensuring a stable virtual environment. All our servers and data storage systems are located in our own data centers in the Netherlands, including the backup. This ensures full compliance with GDPR (AVG) regulations under Dutch law.


For a fixed monthly fee, you have access to your own virtual machines. This is cost-effective because we purchase in bulk and share the environment.


The virtual machines are securely separated from each other using software-defined networking and an advanced LAN and permissions structure. Only you have access to your virtual machine, and you can determine who is authorized. Additional security is possible with additional firewall settings.


At any time, you can instantly expand your capacity in the cloud by adding extra virtual servers. If you need less capacity, you can scale down at the end of the month. This provides optimal flexibility for peak periods or growing businesses.

What to expect from us?

Service as you desire

Soon, you will be able to easily control your virtual server remotely through our self-service portal. Within the available resources, you can manage, create, and modify virtual systems on your own. You have the flexibility to determine the service level that suits you best.

Need assistance in the data center for installing a patch or package? Our experts are happy to help you. We can also assist you in setting up your virtual machines with a cloud infrastructure through our Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Our service desk is available during office hours for all our customers to assist with incident, change, and problem management. For outages, we have a 24×7 support team ready.

A regional, sustainable partner

Bytesnet operates data centers in Groningen and Rotterdam, which means we are always close by. Moreover, your data stays within the country’s borders. This ensures the privacy of your business and customer data and avoids unnecessary extra energy consumption. Sustainability is a core value for us. Our data centers are designed to operate in the most sustainable way possible. We use innovative free-air cooling in our datacenters. In the Spaanse Kubus, we have the Kyoto wheel, and in d’ROOT, we implement low-speed ventilation. Bytesnet also offers Immersed Cooling from Asperitas. Our data center in Groningen returns waste heat to heat homes, and starting from 2022, we will generate our own energy there using hydrogen. The future is digital, and we are the foundation of that digital society, but in a sustainable way. That’s why we constantly strive to find ways to improve. Learn more about our sustainability efforts.

We believe that the power of data, combined with the determination of people, can lead to a sustainable and better world tomorrow. We are committed to contributing to this by providing our services, driving innovation, and improving energy performance throughout the chain. We see this as the only sustainable path to ensure that the growth in data contributes positively to our sustainable, digital society.

Want to know more? Ask Anthony!

He is eager to assist you in finding the best cloud solution for your needs.

Data Storage

Our open-source storage platform is suitable for block, file, and file storage. With a competitive price-performance ratio, we ensure that you always have sufficient capacity, good performance, and secure backups.


Our data center has a high level of security. In addition to standard security, you can expand with the desired firewall and protection against DDoS attacks and ransomware.