Datacenter Rotterdam

Datacenter Rotterdam has its roots in the Rotterdam Internet eXchange (R-IX). This foundation was established with support from the city government to accelerate digitalization in the city through an open and accessible internet exchange point for everyone. Over time, the connection and significance of this exchange to the region grew, especially as businesses and organizations inquired about the possibility of housing their equipment there. This gave rise to commercial services that could be provided by Bytesnet, the 100% Dutch owner, following its privatization.

Datacenter Rotterdam: An Internet Exchange with Many Extras

Datacenter Rotterdam is located in the Spanish Cube, on the northern edge of the city. Early users included internet providers and the Erasmus Medical Center. The academic hospital still relies on Bytesnet’s services, as do numerous other healthcare organizations. This illustrates the extensive facilities, scale, and reliability of Datacenter Rotterdam. It ensures the security of highly sensitive data and the availability of servers and connections. The guaranteed uptime is 99.982%, thanks to the redundant implementation of essential resources like electricity, data feeds, and cooling.


Close and Always Accessible

Datacenter Rotterdam is directly connected to Europe’s internet backbone, providing the fastest connections and abundant broadband. The conditions in the data center are designed for maximum availability and optimal functionality of connections and hardware. The data center is accessible to customers 24/7, allowing their own IT specialists to make adjustments, expansions, checks, and maintenance. They can also receive support from Bytesnet staff present at the facility.


Datacenter Rotterdam’s Services

Bytesnet offers various data and related services at the Spanish Cube, categorized into three themes:

Datacenter Rotterdam: Strong Regional Connections

Numerous studies have shown that the market primarily requires regional data centers. Businesses, institutions, and (semi-)government entities want reliable providers nearby, offering them control, accessibility, a direct point of contact, and secure data storage on Dutch soil under Dutch law. Datacenter Rotterdam has played this role for many years. Close collaboration with customers often leads to the development of new services and products tailored to their needs, which are often applicable to other users.

Datacenter Rotterdam Understands the Needs of Education and Healthcare

Bytesnet works with a diverse range of clients, from small to very large organizations. Notably, many healthcare and educational institutions are among their clients. These organizations typically handle substantial data volumes and treat patients’ or students’ personal data with great care. Business processes and data access must remain uninterrupted and reliable. Datacenter Rotterdam aligns its services and facilities with these needs, providing maximum security and (protected) accessibility. Twin Datacenter concepts, for example, place data and systems at two separate locations (Bytesnet and a partner data center), ensuring redundancy at the highest possible level.

Everything in Place for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS

Bytesnet offers a comprehensive program for IT partners. These partners can host IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS platforms from Datacenter Rotterdam. If desired, companies can also utilize Bytesnet’s IaaS and High Performance Computing  platforms. This provides an excellent and trusted Dutch alternative to public cloud services, and it can be used as a complementary solution.

Dark Fibers: Dedicated Fiber Connections

In addition to high-quality broadband connections, Datacenter Rotterdam also offers dark fiber solutions with Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) connections from their Dutch partner, Tallgrass. A dark fiber connection is dedicated exclusively to a single customer, offering high-speed, exclusive usage, and the highest level of security. These connections are often used for transmitting large data volumes between two locations within an organization, ensuring consistently high speeds and the utmost security.

Datacenter Rotterdam: A Leader in Sustainability

Datacenter Rotterdam has been an international leader in sustainability for many years. For instance, in 2012, it was recognized as the most energy-efficient data center in Europe. Achieving this status involves choosing energy-efficient equipment and efficient free cooling solutions. The commitment to sustainability, including energy-efficiency, continues with ongoing innovations.

SmartPower & Performance

Many servers of customers hosting their equipment in Datacenter Rotterdam run at their maximum capacity continuously. However, for most companies and their activities, maximum server performance is only necessary for part of the time (during peak loads). In collaboration with the Dutch company Tuuring, Bytesnet has developed a platform to monitor server performance and its related energy consumption. Together, they’ve created a solution that combines power management with Digital Performance Management: SmartPower & Performance. This solution allows customers to reduce server energy consumption and CO2 emissions by a minimum of 10% without sacrificing performance.

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